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All-local dairy, meats, freshly baked bread, produce...

Welcome to Ohio City Provisions. Half grocer, half butcher shop, we're now open for business! Everything we sell, we make. All the pantry items in the grocery are locally-sourced, organic and pasture-raised produce, grains, eggs, dairy, canned goods, and more.

The fresh butcher serves a variety of cut-to-order sausages, pasture-raised meats: pastured beef, heritage pork, heirloom varietals of pork, heritage chicken, rabbit, lamb, duck, turkey, venison, goat and various cured meats. 

Drop by for the following and much more:

  • Pasture-raised meats
  • Grassfed milk, butter, & yogurt
  • Seasonal fruits & vegetables
  • Freshly baked baguette, brioche and rustic loaves
  • Granolas, whole grains, & dried beans
  • Deli and cheese counter
  • Jams, maple syrup, and honey

Limited take-out menu available for grab-and-go meals.  


 To hear about this week's specials, including our #ButchersLunch,

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The Plain Dealer

Ohio City Provisions becomes Cleveland's first all-local grocery and meat market

"Ten blocks west of West Side Market, Cleveland's venerated food hall, a little storefront called Ohio City Provisions has opened with its own mighty big ideas. Everything on the shelf, in a basket, in a refrigerator or freezer is locally grown - at least within Ohio's borders. In fact, the people who work there can tell you who grew it.Many times, it's one of the owners..."

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Fox 8 Cleveland

Foodie Finds RT: Ohio City Provisions

OCP featured on a video segment on Fox 8: watch for a tour of the space, interviews with the owners Trevor Clatterbuck and Adam Lambert, and a little bit of the story behind the shop.

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Cleveland Scene Magazine

Neighborhood Butcher Shops are Back in a Big Way

Ah, the good old days, when every neighborhood had a butcher shop where Mom went to get her Sunday roast and the butcher would slide little Jimmy a fresh-sliced round of bologna. Those days might be good and gone, but the friendly neighborhood butcher shop is making a comeback after decades of decimation at the hands of supermarkets. That would be good news on its own, but this narrative gets better: Modern butcher shops like Adam Lambert and Trevor Clatterbuck's brand new Ohio City Provisions...

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Cleveland Magazine

Adam Lambert selected as one of the most interesting people of 2016 by Cleveland Magazine. "This is an opportunity where we can control everything from start to finish," says Lambert. "Not only as a chef but, more importantly, now moving into a butcher role, and also as a father, it's really important for us as a family to know where all of our food comes from."

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Freshwater Cleveland

Ohio City is set to welcome a unique new storefront that will marry a high-end whole-animal butcher with one of the area's most notable proprietors of fresh local produce and dairy. Trevor Clatterbuck of Fresh Fork Market is teaming up with chef Adam Lambert (Bar Cento, Lola, the Black Pig) to open a new storefront at 3208 Lorain Avenue, which formerly housed Ohio City Writers.

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Latest from Cheftovers

The term “Rise and Shine” was made for people like Trevor Clatterbuck and Adam Lambert... Both are heavy weights in Cleveland’s local food scene independently... but together they’re doing something that isn’t being done anywhere else in town.

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