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Our case is fully stocked with grass fed beef, heritage pork, and pasture raised chicken. We are always restocking the case so please feel free to stop in to see what we have freshly cut. For specials and holiday ordering, please call (216.465.2762) or email ( the shop to hear about our offerings.



Italian Sausage.  A mild Italian sausage with fennel and crushed red pepper.

Pork Bratwurst – A traditional pork sausage made with coriander, mace and nutmeg.  A classic on the grill or warmed up with some kraut in the oven.

Lamb Merguez.  This slightly spicy Moroccan sausage is probably our most complex spice kit to date.  A balance of cumin and coriander pair off against the heat of a hot red pepper paste called Harissa.

Bacon Breakfast Links. We took our crowd favorite maple sorghum breakfast sausage and substituted smoked jowl bacon for the fat.   Excellent choice we think.  Great flavor and already poached through to perfection.  Ready to serve in the morning with just a quick sear on the skillet to reheat it.

Porcini Mushroom. An earthy, funky sausage made with porcini mushrooms.  Great sausage to slice and top a homemade pizza, or to stew with tomatoes and/or beans, and to add to soup.

Pork Chorizo. Similar to our beef chorizo but with a few twists. Hand cut jalapeños and fresh cilantro complement the smoked cayenne peppers and paprika we use to season this spicy sausage.  To bring the flavor forward, we add a little red wine vinegar (graciously provided by OCP customer Quentin W from his homemade stock) so the smoke and cilantro are gently followed by lingering heat of cayenne pepper.

House Smokies-  With a ground beef and pork blend as the base, our house smokies come in an array of varying flavors.

OCP Smokehouse Sausage- We designed this one for barbecues. A big snap of a natural hog casing, subtle notes of allspice and coriander, and a lingering heat of cayenne pepper and crushed red pepper. This one is a medium hot sausage where the flavor of the meat, the smoke, and the seasonings are all balanced.  Designed to be thrown in a smoker (not actually thrown but arranged neatly) and paired with some pork ribs or beef brisket.  A touch of sweet barbecue sauce would be a lovely compliment to this delight.

Frankie Lindogs- Adam loves the Cleveland Indians.  He also loves hot dogs.  Adam also loves making hot dogs.  Mash all those things together and you get the Frankie Lindog.  Think stadium hot dog but made with really good ingredients.  Pasture raised pork, chicken and beef all ground and mixed with nutmeg, coriander and paprika.  A lovely summertime hot dog best enjoyed with a ball game on, cold beer in hand and friends.  You could also just put some mustard on it.  Up to you really.

Kasekrainer- Last year Vinnie’s brother took a European vacation (think National Lampoon’s) and traveled all over.  When he returned he requested that Vinnie make him a sausage he had fallen in love with on his travels.  It’s a simple sausage but quite unbeatable (Dr. Strange shout out there).  Ground pork, fresh garlic, black pepper and a whole bunch of swiss style cheese.  Once we stuff it in hog casings the kasekrainer gets cooked off in the smokehouse.  A little mustard and it’ll have you saying “tolle wurst!”

Raw Dog Food. We have had a lot of requests for dog food lately. Just like our grassfed beef is good for you, it is also healthy for your canine friend. So we started saving livers, hearts, tongue, and cheeks, and blended it with lean beef trim to add some more body to it. Sold in approximately 1# packages in the freezer section.


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