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Our case is fully stocked with grass fed beef, heritage pork, lamb, and chicken, and we are always restocking.
Please stop in to see what we have freshly cut. For specials and holiday ordering, please call (216.465.2762) or email the shop to hear about our offerings.



Italian Sausage.  A mild Italian sausage with fennel and crushed red pepper.

Beef and Pork Bratwurst.  We took fresh beef brisket and brined it for 7 days as if we were making pastrami.  We ground this with pork and seasoned to our liking for the best brat we’ve had.

All Grass-fed Beef Hot Dogs.  We are really proud of how these turned out.  100% beef, excellent smooth texture, and great snap in a natural sheep casing.  Nitrate free and fully cooked.  Ready to boil off or throw on the griddle.

Lamb Merguez.  This slightly spicy Moroccan sausage is probably our most complex spice kit to date.  A balance of cumin and coriander pair off against the heat of a hot red pepper paste called Harissa.  

Spanish Chorizo.  Slightly spicy and smokey, we took this sausage and fermented it for 24 hours before smoking and poaching off.  

Cotechino. A traditional Italian stewing sausage includes ground up pork skin in the mix.  This sausage is fully cooked and ready to stew with lentils, beans, or even to just enjoy on a bun.

Havarti and Herb Bratwurst. We never try to make bad product.  But this sausage turned out way better than we even anticipated.  A mild, juicy pork sausage laced with creamy Havarti cheese and traditional herbs.

Bacon Breakfast Links. We took our crowd favorite maple sorghum breakfast sausage and substituted smoked jowl bacon for the fat.   Excellent choice we think.  Great flavor and already poached through to perfection.  Ready to serve in the morning with just a quick sear on the skillet to reheat it.   

Porcini MushroomAn earthy, funky sausage made with porcini mushrooms.  Great sausage to slice and top a homemade pizza, or to stew with tomatoes and/or beans, and to add to soup.  

Turkey, Apple and Caramelized Onion. 100% turkey meat.  We had fun with this sausage. Instead of adding water to help with our meat emulsion (all sausage recipes have liquid), we reduced two gallons of apple cider into one quart of apple cider concentrate to intensify the apple flavor. Fresh Ohio Apples, caramelized onions and garlic, and a little sage round out the flavor profile. Enjoy this on a bun, a plate with kraut, or maybe in a winter butternut squash soup.

Lukanika (or Loukaniko). An old world Greek sausage with red wine, port, fennel seed, and a hint of orange zest to brighten it up. On a cold day, try it with some beans or lentils and a warm tomato sauce, or on a pizza with sundried tomatoes and feta.  

Beef Chorizo.  At Fresh Fork Market, chorizo is one of our best sellers. We needed one at the shop, and Adam came up with a killer recipe. It includes hand-diced fresh jalapeños and cilantro--I was cursing at Adam for all that hand cutting I had to do!  We even smoked and dehydrated our own cayenne peppers this fall, so we ground them up for the seasoning. Lots of work. But in the end, the product is awesome and we are very proud of it. Medium spicy. You can serve it as a patty with eggs for a spicy weekend breakfast, on a bun as a slider, or sauté and crumble for weeknight tacos.

Bacon Cheeseburger Beef Bratwurst. No explanation needed.  We ground our house-smoked black pepper bacon, some smoked cheddar, and caramelized onions into our grass-fed ground beef.  We added our seasonings and liquid, mixed it thoroughly, and stuffed it into a hog casing.  There may be some left to sell if Adam and I don’t stop “sampling” them.

Pork ChorizoSimilar to our beef chorizo but with a few twists. Hand cut jalapeños and fresh cilantro complement the smoked cayenne peppers and paprika we use to season this spicy sausage.  To bring the flavor forward, we add a little red wine vinegar (graciously provided by OCP customer Quentin W from his homemade stock) so the smoke and cilantro are gently followed by lingering heat of cayenne pepper.  

All-Beef Smokies. A mild smoky with a gentle cayenne heat at the end.  You can snack on these all day.       

Lamb Rillette. Rillettes were traditionally a way to preserve foods before refrigeration.  The meat would be suspended in fat, similar to a confit (the salt cures the meat and the fat preserves it.)  Today, we enjoy rillettes as a treat. Adam cured the lamb, confited it, picked it from the bone, seasoned it and added sautéed onions, garlic and white wine.  Pork fat was added back and the rillette was setup in a terrine mold and covered in pork fat to finish.

Fernet Branca Crespone. Like our pepperoni and saucisson sec, this is a cured sausage made from pork.  However, to keep it in the crespone style, the hard back fat is replaced with soft belly meat, which adds a smoother texture to this coarse ground pork salumi.  But the real star here is Fernet Branca. If you aren’t familiar with it, don’t worry. I had never heard of it either until our friend, Stephan Was at Porco, started bringing it around. It is a strongly flavored Italian liqueur – very bitter and aromatic – often drank as a digestif.  At Porco, they pour so much of it that they are the largest customer in the state of Ohio! Because Stephan, Anne Marie, and the rest of the staff at Porco have been great supporters of ours, Adam decided to develop a cured sausage as a salute. The Fernet Branca Crespone is it!  We hope you enjoy as much as we do.  

Raw Dog Food. We have had a lot of requests for dog food lately. Just like our grassfed beef is good for you, it is also healthy for your canine friend. So we started saving livers, hearts, tongue, and cheeks, and blended it with lean beef trim to add some more body to it. Sold in approximately 1# packages in the freezer section.



Pancetta Piana. This was the first dry-cured meat we harvested. It looks like bacon, but it's cured and ready to eat without cooking. Try it with some cheese and crackers, or use it to add flavor to a soup or sauce by rendering it off in a pan.

Smoked Turkey Lunchmeat. A 5 day poultry brine, 24 hours of cold smoke, and then poached off to a perfect 165 degrees for a moist, delicious cold cut.

Smoked Beef Brat. We designed this one for barbecues. A big snap of a natural hog casing, smooth triple ground beef with coarse chunks of fat, and a lingering heat of smoked cayenne pepper. This one is a medium hot sausage where the flavor of the meat, the smoke, and the seasonings are all balanced.

Beef Andouille. Slightly spicy and full of flavor, this smoked beef sausage will go great on a Fluffy Duck bun or used to make traditional creole beans and rice, gumbo, or jambalaya.

Smoked Ham Lunchmeat. A 12 day poultry brine, 24 hours of cold smoke, and roasted through to completion in the oven.

Dry Cured Sausages:

  • Pepperoni. Heat up your pizza stone!  This mild pepperoni is garnished with hand cut chunks of backfat, red wine, and the prefect amount of black pepper.
  • Beef Pepperoni. Smoked and cooked through, similar to a sausage, and ready to eat as a snack or even served on a pizza.
  • Saucisson Sec. A very traditional French cured sausage. Salt and Pepper. Simple, classic, and perfect.  It allows the quality of the pork to shine through.
  • Nduja. This is our favorite in the case. It’s a spicy Italian salumi that is soft and spreadable. Heaped full of paprika and house-smoked cayenne pepper, this sausage is bright red and has zip. Spread it on some crostini or crackers, and enjoy with sun-dried tomatoes, olives, and cheese.
  • Genoa Salami. This is the classic cured (hard) salami.  Our version is lighter on the coarse ground black pepper.
  • Guanciale. We leave the skin on the pork jowls, cut out the glands, and pack these with salt to cure. They are then hung for approximately 3 months to dry. This "face bacon" can be used similar to pancetta. Sliced thin, it is a delicious addition to a charcuterie board. Sliced thick, you can render it off in a pan to add flavor and fat needed for cooking vegetables, starting sauces, or searing meat.
  • Finocchiona. An Italian dry cured salami with fennel.

Smoked Whole Chicken. 5 days in a brine of citrus, paprika, and spices and 12 hours in the smokehouse. These moist and delicious birds are ready to reheat and enjoy! Call ahead to check availability.