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A Farmer’s Perspective

The Farm in Early Spring

There is so much to talk about right now with the farm.  Spring is finally hear and we are embracing the rains.  It is still too early to do much field work.  Any vegetables would be at the risk of frost.  While it would be nice to start plowing and working the soils, the rains…

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A Warm Winter. Mud and Maple Sap.

There is one truth known to all farmers about a good, cold winter.  The ground will be hard and your pastures will be protected.  I’ve even heard of frozen ground referred to as “poor man’s concrete.” When the ground thaws, and it rains a lot (like we have had recently), you have mud.  And lots…

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Planning Ahead

Adam mentioned anticipating a demand on steaks.  Because we dry age our beef at least 14 days before cutting, that means we had to harvest an additional animal two weeks ago to prepare. But how about predicting demand 3 years out?  That’s what farmers need to do.  When Adam and I started thinking about this…

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Happy Hens

Our passion is for pasture raised meats.  If you’ve been to the meat counter, you’ve probably heard Todd, Adam, or I talking about grassfed beef or heritage pork roaming in the woods.  But have you ever thought of our chickens? Our meat chickens – referred to as broilers – are raised only in the summer…

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Grass-fed Beef

Adam will probably agree with me.  We are stunned at the quality of our beef so far.  I and the staff at Wholesome Valley Farm – Aden and Leon – have been experimenting with genetics for the last 3 years.  I think the genetics and selection of high protein grasses are producing well marbled, tender…

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