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More than steaks

We’ve figured out we have some great cooks as customers.  And, we are anticipating lots of requests for steaks for Valentine’s weekend.  So of course, we made extra demi-glace to put on the shelves and brought in an extra steer to help “meat” the demand.

Trevor always harks on the economics of farming, and he can make your head spin thinking about the math.  I just know what it looks like as meat hanging in our cooler.  As a whole animal butcher shop, we can’t just get in the prime sections like the ribs and short loins.  Each steer also has a chuck and a round, which weigh at least twice as much as the center cuts.

So for me, extra steaks means more rounds and chucks to work with. This week, knowing that we’ll have a lot of extra beef trim, I had to figure out what to do with it. The answer was meatballs, beef chorizo, roast beef, and fresh cuts like stew meat and ground beef.  Let’s hope I have the right balance for this week!  – Adam